09.00-09.20 Arrival and coffee networking
09.20-09.30 Opening and announcement 
09.30-09.50 00. “Net zero at DMU” – Prof Raffaella Villa, DMU Net Zero Research Theme Co-Director 
09.50-10.10 01. “The dilemma for achieving sustainable net zero at the energy-environment nexus” – Dr Abhishek Tiwary, De Montfort University
10.10-10.30 02. “Towards net zero: extracting energy from flooded coal mines for heating and cooling applications” – Prof Amin Al-Habaibeh, Nottingham Trent University
10.30-10.40 Comfort break
10.40-11.00 03. “Research in technologies for sustainability and circular economy” (online) – Prof Daizhong Su, Nottingham Trent University 
11.00-11.20 04. “The long and winding road of applied sustainable business research: from ‘a blueprint for survival’ to the UK net zero strategy” – Dr Fred Paterson, University of Derby
11.20-11.40 05. “Compressed air energy storage – a potential technology for long term storage” (online) – Prof Jihong Wang, University of Warwick
11.40-12.00 06. “The role of carbon negative technologies for achieving net zero” – Dr Jon McKechnie, University of Nottingham
12.00-12.30 Lunch networking
12.30-12.50 07. “A net-positive approach towards future industrial sustainability” (online) – Prof Shahin Rahimifard, Loughborough University
12.50-13.10 08. “Integration of environmental and energy policies towards net zero” (online) – Dr Rosa Fernandez, University of Warwick
13.10-13.30 09. “Decarbonising cities” – Prof Lucelia Rodrigues, University of Nottingham
13.30-13.50 10. “My research journey into different topics and yet one theme” – Dr Amal Abuzeinab, De Montfort University
13.50-14.00 Comfort break 
14.00-14.20 11. ““I bomme, as a bombyll bee dothe”: an (un)random research journey” – Dr Garrath Wilson, Loughborough University
14.20-14.40 12. “Carbon dynamics in ecosystems: a global perspective” – Dr Lan Qie, University of Lincoln
14.40-15.00 13. “Reimagining responsible business & sustainable development: the net-zero emissions transition experience” – Dr Nana Osei Bonsu, University of Birmingham
15.00-15.20 14. “Improving the sustainability of photovoltaic materials” – Dr Patrick Isherwood, Loughborough University 
15.20-15.40 Coffee networking 
15.40-16.00 15. “Managing carbon reduction: every action makes a difference” (online) – Rosemary Horry, University of Derby
16.00-16.20 16. “Towards a zero-emission food cold chain” – Dr Xinfang Wang, University of Birmingham
16.20-16.40 17. “Energy-efficient buildings with thermal energy storage” (online) – Dr Yuan Tian, De Montfort University
16.40-17.00 Drink/snack networking